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Are you ready for a global revolution? Widespread social unrest and systemic global insecurity in the wake of the global inflation crisis

The over-layering and overlapping interactions of waves of social disobedience, criminality, and patent discontent give rise to spatially amorphous uncertainties and threats that could bring humanity to a breaking point. We have tried to convey this sense of urgency in this article. If international concerted actions fail to reign in the global inflation and cost of living crisis soon, humanity will be heading to a disaster. Are you ready for a global revolution? Continue reading

Are you ready for a global revolution? A perfect insecurity storm is falling upon us. Yet, governments keep missing opportunities to avert the impending mayhem

We are talking here about a global systemic movement simultaneously affecting many developing and developed nations, and via social media, fast replicating across the world. We are actually getting closer to that scenario. This would be 1968 on steroids and governments, for the first time in this century, will start feeling wary of their own people. Are you ready for a global revolution? Continue reading

UK Sanctions on Russia: raw and compromising evidence on defense exports

Annex 9: Extant arms export licences to Countries of concern’, you will find plenty of defense exports to Russia. In the end, you do not want the wrong mix finishing in the wrong hands, e.g. Russian-backed rebels shooting down civilian planes. Continue reading

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June 2023