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Contingent diplomacy, Conditional engagement, and Over-the-horizon strikes: a triad underpinning Joe Biden’s defense and foreign policy

President Biden remarks on the end of the War in Afghanistan already outlined what will be three of the pillars of American Defense and Foreign Policy for years to come: Contingent diplomacy, Conditional engagement, and Over-the-horizon strikes. The grand strategy is, however, to lay down the groundwork needed for a possible confrontation with China. Will these pillars withstand the stress caused by such an event? That is a question that no one can answer, not even Biden himself. Continue reading

To invade or not to invade Taiwan now? That is China’s President Xi Jinping’s most pressing question

China’s Xi Jinping is pivoting towards a messianic path. Annexing Taiwan would guarantee him a place in the autocrats’ pantheon. As worrying and cynic as it sounds, the current historical juncture offers the best opportunity for China to attempt, finally, an incursion into Taiwan. The worst case scenario is a miscalculation that results in actual fighting between China and the U.S. The least-worst case scenario is an invasion without many casualties. Continue reading

[REPRINT] Made in China: a perilous cycle

This is a perplexing story and hardly a fairy tale [This is a reprint of a blog post published back in early 2013, when we were very concerned about China’s ‘grey zone’ transgressions and Western governments doing so little about it. Fast-forward nearly a decade and finally this is a hot topic and there is … Continue reading

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June 2023