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UK Sanctions on Russia: raw and compromising evidence on defense exports

Annex 9: Extant arms export licences to Countries of concern’, you will find plenty of defense exports to Russia. In the end, you do not want the wrong mix finishing in the wrong hands, e.g. Russian-backed rebels shooting down civilian planes. Continue reading

This is how the economic sanctions on Russia imposed by the West work

This should help, for example, with the arming of the Ukranian separatist rebels who just shot down today July 17, 2014, Flight MH17 of Malaysian Airlines from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing the 280 passengers onboard. Continue reading

MH17: First pictures emerge of Malaysia Airlines crash site as rebel commander claims responsibility

Good to know economic sanctions on Russia, which is arming the rebels, are working and the Ukraine crisis is under control!

20,000 migrants reach Europe by boat in a day

We propose that one solution involves the EU outsourcing the patrolling of the Mediterranean Sea in the search for migrants to the maritime security industry Continue reading

IRAQ: The rise of ISIS: the cost of failing to intervene in Syria

Along an endless stream of amateur footage showing systematic human rights violations in Syria at the hands of state forces, throughout 2011 we heard one Western leader after another saying that the Syrian President Bashar Assad should go. Yet, a plan to force him out never materialized. The exodus of Syrians into neighboring countries intensified, eventually becoming … Continue reading

Cry Africa: from Somalia to the Central African Republic via Mali and back

 Back in October, we wrote in one of our social networks about the new conflict dynamic fast evolving in Africa. Indeed, economically speaking Africa is progressing. However, in parallel, many corners of Africa appear to be descending into chaos. We noted that extremism is on the rise in a manner never seen before in Africa. … Continue reading

Thanks for giving the world so much Mr Mandela! – RIP Nelson!

(@privatemilitary) 05/12/2013 22:03 Thank you for giving the world so much Mr Mandela! – May you rest in peace now Nelson!

Higher energy prices and private security

 Dinner table conversation about rising energy prices and the arguably higher costs incurred by energy corporations on private security. Upstream and downstream, private security is intertwined with the exploration, production and transport of hydrocarbons, and your energy bills. This is an annual ritual. Every year, as the winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, energy prices … Continue reading



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